I started going to (punk rock, indie rock, hardcore, whatever) shows in 1995. I was about 15 or 16 years old. It all started when my friend’s stepfather was “duped” by a positive review of Fugazi‘s then latest album Red Medicine (Dischord Records, 1995). He asked if I would take the CD off his hands, but being sure to make it clear it was the worst thing he’d ever heard. That album immediately struck a chord with me. The opener, Do You Like Me? hits you like a ton of bricks after :50 of discordant racket. Within months, I was driving all over Florida to see these bands I loved.

The reason for the blog: In addition to being in a hardcore band for a few years, I wanted to run a music zine when I was 16 or 17. I blindly sent around questions to bands I was really interested in at the time, and to my surprise, they all responded – and relatively punctually I might add – much more punctually than I have been in making these public. As you can guess, the zine never materialized. I simply wasn’t resourceful enough. Now, in my move to Toronto ON, Canada, I came across these old interviews. So, I decided to make them public on this blog. The bands were great. The questions were generic and silly. But I thought I’d share them.

In addition to the four interviews that were originally going to be the core of the first issue of the zine, I’ll periodically add links to music that’s caught my attention recently or that I’m rediscovering, as well as mini-reviews of shows to which I’ve been. The writing won’t be the most interesting, I can assure you of that. But I will write about what I like and skip what I don’t, leaving the harsh words for the bourgious and those in charge of running this world.


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  1. Rachel

    Great to see your two passions coming together; music and writing! I must say this is Phil at his finest. I hope you continue to be inspired and never lose your thrill for life.

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